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There are many ways to live life. First, there are all the commitments we need to fulfil. But in the free time that remains, we can cultivate and nurture our deepest dreams.

Alessandro Bocca wines are produced in Sardinia

They are the result of the passion my wife Barbara and I have for winemaking. When we first moved from Piedmont to Dorgali in 2006, we had no idea our lives would come to revolve around winemaking, and that it would eventually become our main occupation.

Our dream of producing quality wine, and of having a winery of our own, officially took form in 2012 when our winemaking business, Cantina Alessandro Bocca, was first established.

“We wanted to create wines with deeper meaning. We set out to capture the history, the moments and sentiments that animate this land”


It took three years of hard work to remove the rocks and prepare the land

In 2013, we bought a plot of land in Bovori, on which we planted our largest vineyard. This was followed straight after by a smaller vineyard in Su Babbu Mannu.

It took three years of hard work to prepare the soil and remove all the rocks, but our efforts were rewarded in 2016 when we managed to plant our first vines.

Our two vineyards are situated in the Dorgali area, and cover a surface area of approximately six hectares.

We grow the main Sardinian varieties, ranging from Cannonau to Vermentino di Sardegna, Cagnulari and Malvasia Nera.

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Our quest for quality, a desire to distinguish ourselves and our unique terroir are the cornerstones on which our winemaking approach is based. A first year full of rewards and prizes.

2020 was a special year for us, and a year of awards:

Il 2020 è stato per noi un anno speciale e ricco di premi:

  • Vermentino Arghentu Our Vermentino Arghentu carried off the gold medal at the National Vermentino Competition, and was published in the Five Stars wine guide of Vinitaly 2022.
  • Cannonau Ferru and Vermentino Arghentu both earned listings in the Golosaria 2022 guide.
  • Five Stars Wine Vinitaly for 2022.
  • Gold medal to XX Concorso Enologico Città del Vino 2022