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Both our Bocca vineyards are in the area of Dorgali, a town with a population of around 8,400 located near one of Sardinia’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, and just 6km from the beaches of Cala Gonone.

This is where Alessandro and Barbara planted their vineyards with Sardinia’s main indigenous grape varieties, with particular emphasis on “Cannonau” and “Vermentino”. They use the “Guyot” training system, and most of the vineyard processes are carried out by hand.

Biodiversity joins forces with painstaking work in the vineyards to achieve high-quality grapes. Production is deliberately limited to 40/70 quintals per hectare, depending on the type of grape variety. No soil irrigation systems are used; time and nature are left to take their course.

vigne su babbu mannu

Su Babbu Mannu

The vineyard is set at an altitude of 180 metres above sea level, with a southerly exposure which makes the very most of the sun’s rays.
In the summer months, the sun comes up over the summit of the mountain behind the church of Su Babbu Mannu at seven in the morning. Its rays warm the vineyard as it moves from east to west, before disappearing behind the mountains at sunset.

The area is cool and relatively dry thanks to sea breezes which blow constantly throughout the day, before dropping when the sun goes down.

The land is relatively flat and not overly fertile; it is basaltic and contains a considerable amount of red clay. The skeletal soil is very stony. Three red grape varieties have been planted in this vineyard: Cannonau, Alicante and Merlot, in equal amounts.

The vineyard is surrounded by Sardinia’s typical Mediterranean maquis, interspersed with wild olive trees, some of which are hundreds of years old.
The vineyard is home to fauna typical of the island of Sardinia, from wild boar to partridge and wild rabbit.

Sa Toa

The vineyard is set at an altitude of 150 metres above sea level, in an area which is proving particularly well-suited to growing high-quality grapes. The terroir of this vineyard is varied and unusual.
The vines were planted on a gradient in a vineyard with two opposing plots that slope gently down towards the bottom, where a stream that crosses the length of the vineyard flows ten months a year.

It is south-facing, allowing the vineyard to receive every minute of available sunlight. Three-quarters of the vineyard lie on decomposed granite soil. The other part is predominantly grey clay.

The granite soil is ideal for growing our white grapes: Vermentino, Fiano, Falanghina, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The Cannonau, Shirah, Malvasia Nera, Cabernet and Cagnulari vines grow on the section with a higher clay content, which is better suited to growing red grapes.

The area around the vineyard is dominated by the Mediterranean maquis, with myrtle and broom bushes, asphodelus and wild flowers, not to mention centuries-old wild olive trees. Like Su Babbu Mannu, this vineyard lies a long way from the town, in an unspoilt area.

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