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Cannonau Doc rosé

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From the typical red onion skin color with fine and elegant aromas of fresh red fruit, it is a full-bodied rosé that expresses 13.5 degrees alcohol.

ramene-vino-rosato-cannonau-doc Cantina Alessandro Bocca

Ramene (Copper in Sardinian) is our Cannonau Doc rosé wine.
The graphic design continues the line chosen for our other labels, where the periodic table of the elements is the common thread.

The structure supports very well appetizers of land, the first and second summer and not too structured but are allowed and recommended even more daring combinations with seafood.

Production area

Vigna di Sa Toa (Dorgali)


180 mt.s.l.m


Cannonau di Sardegna

Yield per hectare

60 q.li ha

Training system


Production process

Vendemmia manuale. Diraspatura delle uve, permanenza con le bucce di poche ore e fermentazione in serbatoi di acciaio a temperatura controllata.